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Arnhem Land

Map showing the Arnhem Land region in the NT

Immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness and vast panoramas of Arnhem Land. Off-lying tropical islands, azure waters and crisp white sands, paperbark forests and billabongs abundant in birdlife and teeming with fish, stone monoliths and soaring escarpments, rainforest and waterfalls- this spectacular ancient land exists now as it has since time immemorial.

Arnhem Land is a true Australian wander that stands rugged and unspoiled in its beauty. A unique expanse that stretches over 97,000 square kilometres, this land of antiquity is rich in Aboriginal culture, breathtaking scenery and rare wildlife. Bound by rugged coastline and the Arafura Sea, these warm tropical waters provide some of the best fishing in the world. Explore secluded beaches and craggy rockpools, weave through savannah woodlands that have nurtured 60,000 years of Aboriginal knowledge and customs, or hike through incredible stone country to be rewarded with views of sweeping floodplains bursting with colour and a wealth of flora and fauna. Arnhem Land is a tapestry of magnificent landscapes, prolific in untouched beauty, awe-inspiring experiences, and authenticity.

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