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Uluru & Surrounds

Map showing the Uluru and Surrounds region in the Northern Territory

Considered the spiritual heart of Australia, this region's gem is Uluru/Ayers Rock, but it also offers visitors so much more, and is only a few hours from Sydney.

Get ready to be blown away by World Heritage-listed natural wonders, iconic wildlife and the red dirt of the Australian Outback. The Uluru region is home to two of Australia's most famous rock formations, a mighty canyon and an ancient indigenous culture rich in story, dance and art.

Top 10 region awarded to The Red Centre, Australia. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019

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#Uluru has been hit with some wild weather recently, including a supercell that passed right over it! It's estimated that only 1% of travellers to this legendary monolith get to see it when it rains, and the rock is enveloped in waterfalls 💦 Check out our IG story for more! Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Kartikeya Sharma (via FB). #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT #ExploreUluru

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As darkness falls and #Uluru is thrown into silhouette, the #FieldofLight illuminates ✨ The exhibition, aptly named Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku or ‘looking at lots of beautiful lights’ in local Pitjantjatjara, is Bruce Munro's largest work to date, with more than 50,000 slender stems crowned with radiant frosted-glass spheres. The installation covers an area of more than seven football fields and invites visitors to wander through the network of pathways and watch this fantasy garden softly change colour from sunset to sunrise. The Field of Light is running until 31 December, 2020. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @aroundq! #SeeAustralia #ExploreUluru #RedCentreNT

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Going, going... gone! #Uluru was hit by a passing storm yesterday arvo - at one point the rain was so heavy it almost disappeared from sight! Ten minutes later the clouds cleared... just in time for #sunset 🙌 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @yo_hisa0425! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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#Uluru from a distance is one of @Australia's most iconic sights but have you seen it up close? You can see all the little details from every angle on one of six established walks around the base of this ochre-coloured rock. Local rangers take visitors on free daily tours of the two kilometre return Mala section of the Base Walk where you can hear the Aboriginal story of the Mala (rufous hare-wallaby) people. You’ll see all of Uluru’s natural and cultural beauty on the full base walk, a 10.6km loop of the monolith. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @jameshoranshootspeople! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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Sunset, camels and #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas) in the distance... it doesn't get much more outback than this! @UluruCamelTours' safaris are practically a rite of passage in the Red Centre with unforgettable views of #Uluru and Kata Tjuta as they glow and change colour. Take the reigns and choose from short, sunrise and sunset rides 🐪 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @shars79!  #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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It's not hard to see why the Rim Walk at #KingsCanyon is one of the most famous walks in the Red Centre! The six kilometre circuit walk traces the rim of the canyon for much of the hike before descending into the lush 'Garden of Eden' and back up to the top again. Located in Watarrka National Park, roughly halfway between #Uluru and #AliceSprings, Kings Canyon is one of the many must-do stops along the iconic Red Centre Way drive route. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @danarosalie! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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As the sky darkens to a deep indigo and the last rays of the sun slip beyond the horizon, the #Uluru night sky is lit by thousands of stars. The land and its iconic rocks, so dominant during the day, disappear into the dark and the night sky takes centre stage. With low humidity and minimal unnatural light, the Red Centre is easily one of the best places in @Australia to view the stars and planets. Whether you simply take a walk to a viewing platform at Ayers Rock Resort, book into a stargazing session or a dinner in the dunes, the stars make their stunning appearance on schedule nightly 🌟 Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia,! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT #ExploreUluru

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The balcony views at Ayers Rock (#Uluru) Campground are pretty bloody good, hey @jordaaaan_! Located 15 kilometres from the iconic ochre-coloured monolith, the campground not only provides a billion star experience, it also offers spots to pitch your tent and park your motorhome or campervan. Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, Jordan! #SeeAustralia #RedCentreNT

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As far as views go, they don't get much better than this one 🙌 Whatever you do, don’t miss a #sunrise or #sunset at #Uluru when the light turns its massive surface from ochre brown to burnished orange to intense red and all the colours in between. There are over five viewing areas built throughout the national park, specifically for taking in the dramatic scenes of both Uluru and #KataTjuta (#TheOlgas). Cheers for tagging #NTaustralia, @jasoncharleshill!  #SeeAustralia #ExploreUluru

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